Whether you're shopping for something new or going through your own product stash, it's always great to get in the habit of checking the ingredients label. Ingredients matter and understanding what’s in a beauty product should be more important to you than ever before, to ensure you are buying products that will work for you and your skin type, as well as making the most informed decisions.

Skincare is all about fixing problematic issues. As your skin is your largest organ, you need to ensure it is as healthy as possible so it not only protects but is also glowing, radiant and healthy. With all of the above in mind, we have highlighted some of the most effective ingredients on the market so you can make sure you are getting the best from your skincare.

Vitamin C or AHAs

There are many versions of vitamin C used in skincare, however, not all are of the highest quality or clinically proven to give you anti-ageing benefits when topically applied. AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy are synthetic versions of vitamin C. L asorbic acid or LAA are the purest version of Vit C and are clinically proven to work when topically applied. Vitamin C in cosmetic products is not of natural origin, but a synthetic form. The reason for this is the natural form is not stable enough, and once exposed to air, differing temperatures and/ or light it degrades very quickly leaving it less potent and thus less effective. Vit C is a real multi-tasking ingredient and natural protector - protecting against damaging free radicals, brightening the skin, boosting collagen and elastin levels, fighting acne, reducing pigmentation and improving skin texture.

Our levels of Vitamin C are reduced when exposed to stresses and sunlight, thus replacing it can be hugely beneficial. As we do not generate our own vitamin C, adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as taking vitamin C supplements will benefit your skin greatly. When reading your skincare inci or ingredients list, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a stable form of Vit C (less affected by light and air which is used in Instant Effects). 

Why do some products work and others don't even when they contain the same ingredient? 

In order to claim to be anti-ageing, all you need is a nominal amount of an anti-ageing ingredient such as Vitamin C. However there is no minimum amount, thus to save costs the ‘anti ageing’ ingredient is usually in the formulation at such a small measure that you would get more vitamin C from a glass of orange juice. Unlike other skincare products, Instant Effects stands out. Our formulations are more expensive because our products contain many active ingredients such as Vitamin C, technical name -Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate in at a high concentration proven to penetrate the skin and be effective.


Hyaluronic Acid

A skin hydrating boosting molecule which occurs naturally in the human body. A sugar compound present in all connective tissue. Maintaining levels of HA through topical application, injection and supplement reduces wrinkles caused by dehydration and general ageing. Hyaluronic Acid is super rejuvenating, helps with moisture and reduces spider veins; hydrates in any climate and plumps fine lines, increasing elasticity.  In fact, in gel form, it binds up to 1,000 times its weight (in water) therefore provides volume to fill in larger folds such as the skin around the mouth and cheeks. Because of the complexity of the extraction process when producing Hyaluronic Acid means that it is a very expensive ingredient. Due to the cost, the percentage found in products is very low.



Peptides build collagen, elastin fibres, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Peptides are naturally occurring within the body, but with age, our production levels slow over time. Peptides within your skincare can lead to firmer, younger looking skin. It is a scientific fact that when penetrating the epidermis, Peptides work with your skin’s processes of renewal to stimulate collagen production, elastin and other structural proteins that cause the skin to appear firmer and fuller. The collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed by the skin, but Peptides which create Collagen are easily absorbed, which is why it is popular within skincare.

Instant Effects AM Energiser Day Cream and PM Recovery Night Cream both contain Copper Peptide which improves skin barrier function, the body’s defence against pollution, bacteria and UV rays. Instant Effects AM Energiser Day Cream and PM Recovery Night Cream contain all of three of these superpower ingredients and many more besides. At Instant Effects our actives are our point of difference in a competitive skincare market and what gives our clinically proven results.

We hope that this skincare ingredients guide will be a helpful tool to help you on your journey to healthier, more beautiful skin as checking the ingredients in your skincare is just as important as checking what goes into the foods you eat.