1. How Lips Change as We Age

    How Lips Change as We Age

    Lips tend to be overlooked as part of our anti-ageing routine, but they are the first and most predominant area that shows signs of ageing – gradual loss of volume and increased lines that accumulate as time goes on. Your Lips need protection from UV rays and, like your skincare routine this is not exclusive to holidays and sitting on the beach, your lips are exposed to UV rays every single day...

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  2. Do you know what skin type you have?

    Do you know what skin type you have?

    Understanding and knowing what skin type you have can be a little daunting if not confusing. When shopping around it can be hard finding the right product for your skin, especially when products are labelled 'oily skin', 'combination skin' etc... We understand. But fear not, we are here to help!
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  3. Dark Chocolate, can it give you Beautiful Skin?

    Dark Chocolate, can it give you Beautiful Skin?

    It's fair to say that most people think that chocolate gives you bad skin, aka acne, pimples, spots and more. However, you may be pleased to find out that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove this. Read on to find out how dark chocolate is good for your skin and your health.
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  4. The Benefits of Sleep for your Skin & Beyond

    The Benefits of Sleep for your Skin & Beyond

    Sleep is one of the most important things we do naturally, it's up there with eating healthily and exercising when it comes to its benefits to our overall health. Therefore it is not surprising that if we have a bad sleeping pattern it really shows on our skin. Learn how the benefits of sleep can help improve your skin here.
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  5. Veganuary & How to Adopt a Vegan Skincare Regime

    Veganuary Changes To Your Skincare & Beyond

    If you’re participating in Veganuary this year you may have already come to realise that there’s more to veganism than cutting back on the animal products in your weekly food shop.  A truly vegan lifestyle will have you making swap-outs in other areas of your life too. But never fear, as now there are many amazing choices readily available so you don’t need to miss out if you are well prepared.  
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  6. The Perfect Autumn Skincare Routine

    Autumn Skincare

    As the weather starts to change your skin will definitely start to feel the strain, so one seasonal change that should be on your radar is your skincare routine. This year, more than most, the hot summer, and the opportunity for many to enjoy it a little more, has likely left its mark on your face. Pigmentation from excessive tanning, and a build-up of dead skin cells, can leave your skin looking less than glowing.  So, what should your skincare regime look like to protect your skin?
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