Now that lockdown has eased (even if only a little), I'm sure many of you will be looking to start some festive season celebrations! Don't let the fun (and colder weather) steal the glow from your skin. Follow our top tips to ensure your skin stays fresh through to 2021. 

Masked Party Season Skin

Drink! (Water). Alcohol is a diuretic that dries the skin significantly. Rotate your bubbles with water to keep your skin hydrated, and finish the night with a large glass of water before bed, your body and skin (and head!) will thank you the next day!

Drink water for great skin this party season

Always take your makeup off. Now, we know how tempting it can be to skip this after a long night, but we really really don't think you should! Your pores will be clogged with makeup, as well as pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, and bacteria - leading to breakouts, sensitivity and dry skin.

Importance of Cleansing for good skin in party season

Balance the treats with some gut-friendly goodies. Good skin really does come from a healthy gut and the more skin-friendly your diet, the more you’ll glow throughout Christmas. We aren't saying you shouldn't indulge a little! Just balance it, and lay off the processed foods and high sugar options, which have an ageing effect on your skin.

Superfoods for good skin

Nail your skincare routine. Cleanse, protect and hydrate your skin with a solid & consistent day and night routine that can withstand whatever the season throws at your skin. Our AM Energiser day cream & PM recovery night cream have you covered - check out this post to find out exactly why they're a hero duo you can't afford to be without this Winter.


With your eyes taking the main stage this party season, it really is the season for them to sparkle. 

The lash and brow volumiser will ensure you bring your best lash and brow game, leaving you with the longest and fullest lashes without the need for layers of mascara. Your eyebrows will thank you too, say goodbye to patches and take the pressure of the lash pencil to perfect your brows this party season. 

Finish with triple complex eye lift serum to say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness, and leave the delicate skin around your eyes super hydrated and ready to take on the party season!  

Make the most of your eyes in the masked party season

The Perfect Products for the Party Season