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3 Step Routine To Better Skin

Say hello to your best skin with a 3 step regime that will revive, refresh and protect. 


Step 1

AM Energiser contains powerful antioxidants to protect your skin against harmful environmental damage. Start your day with AM for visibly brighter skin. Clinically proven to brighten by 8% in just 30 minutes.

Step 2

PM Recovery night cream features 46 clinically proven anti-ageing benefits, including a 36% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in just four weeks. 


Step 3

Hide the signs of late nights and early starts with Instant Eye Lift.  The ultimate under-eye correcting serum working in just 15 minutes to diminish dark circles, puffiness and the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Instant Effects Lash & Brow Volumiser
Lash & Brow Volumiser
Special Price $44.80 Regular Price $56.00
Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumping Treatment
3D Lip Plumping Treatment
Special Price $28.00 Regular Price $35.00
Instant Effects AM Energiser Anti-Ageing Day Cream
AM Energiser Day Cream
Special Price $36.80 Regular Price $46.00
Instant Effects PM Recovery Night Cream
PM Recovery Night Cream
Special Price $41.60 Regular Price $52.00

Secret Ingredients

All of our products revolve around our patented, highly advanced technology OX2.

This oxygen transfer technology is one of the core formulations that allows Instant Effects to deliver the results exactly as promised.

Our patented technology comes in three levels of potency, OX2, OX2+, OX2PRO.

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Our Customers

My eyelashes are instantly more voluminous and separated, and with the Instant Effects I can achieve the same effect with just 1 coat of mascara when I’d normally only get with 3 or 4!
Maddie in Wonderland
I've always been sceptical about lip plumpers but after trying this I will use this forever, took the before and after picture and couldn't believe it! I even brought it into work to show a colleague and she was amazed at the difference within a few minutes! Definately keeping this little gem!
I have previously used the lip plumper and fell in love with that product, so was excited to try the night cream. It is amazing, I had a few spots from stress at work, it cleared it all up plus my skin feels so lovely in the morning. For a night cream its not as heavy, as some of my previous creams I have used would end up more on my pillow than my face. Would really recommend!
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