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Travel back in time with Deep Line Elixir, an age-defying, anti-pollution treatment that plumps and dramatically reduces wrinkle depth and size for instantaneously younger-looking skin. 

The Deep Line Elixir is the wonder wand that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by an average of 78% in just 10 minutes. 

OX2 Pro Oxygen Transfer Technology is combined with Birch Sap and rich blend of active ingredients that work together in harmony with the skin's metabolism. These ingredients enhance cellular energy to dramatically plump the skin, increase the skin elasticity and provide the skin with long-lasting hydration.



We love to see your amazing results. 

If you're new to the Deep Line Elixir, please take a before photo and a second photo after 2 weeks. There is nothing like picture proof to see your own personal improvements, and we would love you to share your results with us too!



Our patented OX2 Pro Oxygen Transfer Technology works with a blend of active ingredients to help plump the skin and dramatically reduces fine lines by up to 100% in just 10 minutes!

When you apply the Deep Line Elixir to your frown and forehead lines, crow's feet and nose to mouth lines the OX2 Pro Technology pumps oxygen into the skin which enhances cellular energy to dramatically plump the skin. This increases the skin elasticity and provides the skin with long-lasting hydration, making the effects last more than 8 hours. 

The OX2 Pro Technology not only encourages skin cellular activity but also increases the amount of nourishment your skin can absorb, allowing your skin to look younger, brighter and dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles around your eye, nose and mouth area. 

Oxygen is also known to speed up the repair process of the body, so by using Oxygen in our formulation, it naturally speeds up and promoted the repair of the skin, improving the elasticity and plumping, which improves the skin's condition. 



Fine lines are reduced by 79%.


Fine lines are reduced by up to 100%.



Deeper wrinkles are reduced by 89%.


Shake well before application to activate the active ingredients - this essential. 

Twist the bottom anti-clockwise. Using the brush applicator, apply the elixir directly to lines and wrinkles. Use your index finger to gently rub back and forth along the line 3 to 4 times. For best results apply morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin.

Makeup can be applied within 10 minutes of application.

For particularly deep lines, apply the Deep Line Elixir in the morning and at night for 2 weeks. 

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OX2 Patented Oxygen Transfer Technology


Our patented OX2 Technology is the secret ingredient behind the amazing results.

There are three variants of the OX2 technology: OX2, OX2+, and OX2 pro – all of which allow your skin to absorb more oxygen for up to 24 hours.

Why is it so important?

Oxygen is your body's best friend when it comes to speeding up natural healing and restoration.

An increased level of oxygen being absorbed into the skin will naturally cause an increase in blood flow to the applied area, as blood is mechanically drawn to high concentration areas of oxygen. This means your blood will carry a multitude of other core nutrients to the area, which is crucial to the optimal healing process.

See what our customers have to say...

See what our customers have to say...

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