Skincare is definitely not just for women, but often men aren't too sure where to start with the journey to healthy, hydrated and cared for skin.

Men's skin is structurally different to women's, so even if they don't experience the same skin concerns, they still have just as many. For example, after puberty men tend to produce more sebum and oil than women do, which often leads to longer-lasting acne. 

Men and women also often have very different self-care routines. Most men have facial hair, and whether they decide to shave it or keep it, it can have a negative impact on their skin. Shaving with a razor can lead to skin irritations and breakouts if not done properly. Whereas, growing a beard can cause a build-up of oil, trapped dirt and sweat, which may clog your pores and lead to breakouts or acne developing. 

But it's not all bad! Men also have 25% thicker skin, which makes it more resilient, and they tend to produce more collagen than women, making their skin on average 15 years younger than women of the same age! Having said that, environmental factors like UV-rays can still have negative impacts on male skin, which is another reason why skincare is so important.

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So, What products should you use?

We know there are a lot of skincare products out there, and it can be hard to know where to start!

First of all, it is important to know what your skin type is. We can help with this in our 'do you know what skin type you have' blog. 

Once you know what skin type you have, you can narrow down the products you should use. For example, if you have oily skin, look out for products that are specially formulated for people with oily skin (it really is that simple). Using products that are designed for your skin type will help resolve issues and keep your skin balanced.

Simple Skincare Regimen for Men with Instant Effects:

For those of you who don't know where to start with a simple skincare routine, here is a simple handy guide that we recommend you should try:

Morning Skincare Routine:

1. Cleanse - Use a face wash or cleanser designed for your skin type (we recommend that you avoid any type of exfoliator, as these may sensitise your skin to the sun.) 

2. Shave - (if you don't shave, you can skip this step) - Make sure you apply the right shaving foam for your skin (even using a shaving foam that isn't made for your skin type can cause skin irritations), and use a clean razor (each blade has max. 3-4 uses)

3. Cleanse again - Wash off shaving foam and any small hairs.

4. Dry - Dry your face with a clean dry towel.

5. Moisturise - We recommend using our AM Energiser Day Cream, it not only hydrates your skin but also calms down any irritation and provides all-day protection against damaging environmental factors. 

6. SPF Protection - Always, Always wear sunscreen! Even if it's overcast and raining, wear sunscreen! Make sure it's at least SPF30 and re-apply every 20 minutes. 

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Nighttime Skincare Routine:

1. Cleanse - Use a face wash or cleanser designed for your skin type (we recommend that if you want to use an exfoliator, use a chemical one rather than a physical one). 

2. Dry - Dry your face with a clean dry towel.

3. Moisturise - We recommend using our PM Recovery Night Cream, it not only hydrates your skin but also has a multitude of other benefits that will ensure you wake up to better skin.

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Here are some products that we recommend for Men to try out:

AM Energiser Day Cream:

The AM Energiser Day Cream contains OX2 Oxygen Transfer Technology and a rich blend of ingredients to re-energise, brighten and moisturise your skin. Skin will be visibly younger and healthier in appearance, deeply hydrated, soft and supple. This day cream is perfect to use after shaving, as it calms and soothes irritated skin. To find out more click here.

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PM Recovery Night Cream:

The PM Recovery Night Cream is a revolutionary development in anti-ageing skincare. It is clinically proven to improve the condition of any skin concern, including wrinkles, uneven skin, and blemishes. This night cream works with your skin's metabolism to renew skin cells while you sleep, ensuring you wake up to smoother, firmer and more radiant skin. To find out more about the PM Recovery Night Cream, click here.  

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Eye Lift Serum:

Hide the signs of late nights and early starts with Instant Eye Lift. Lightweight and refreshing, Instant Eye Lift is the ultimate under-eye correcting serum, working in just 15 minutes to diminish dark circles, puffiness and the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. To find out more click here.

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Triple Eye Lift:

Instant Effects Triple Complex Eye Lift serum is the first, true anti-pollutant eye serum that's clinically proven to stop air pollutants before they can cause damage to your skin. A powerful, intense and highly concentrated eye serum that offers unrivalled results. Three times as effective as conventional eye serums, it reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles (caused by fatigue) in just 5 minutes. When used regularly, these results will build and it will firm the skin, diminish crow's feet, and brighten dark circles caused by genetics. To find out more click here

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Hand Super Serum:

Don't forget about your hands! For all the men with hard-working hands, we suggest you try Hand Super Serum. This hand cream provides your skin with all-day hydration (even if you regularly wash your hands!) and eases dry, cracked hands. To find out more click here. 

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